St. Mary’s found themselves wandering aimlessly on barren soil, the club needed and experienced figure to turn its’ fortunes around, to restructure and inspire. Help was about to arrive from an unexpected source.  St. Mary’s win the Jimmy Daly Memorial Cup with goals by Jerry Geaney and Felix Manning v Bridewell.


Paddy Cambridge supplied the Midas touch which put a halt to St. Mary’s downward plunge with the signing of the non-pareil of centre-halfs John Coughlan and the ever reliable Mick O’Keeffe. The two former Cork Celtic defenders transformed a mediocre side into a mean machine. First Division League Championship, A.O.H. Cup, double Shield and Saxone Cup and Tournament victories were recorded.  The big disappointment to what would have been the ending of a perfect season was the losing of the Munster Junior Cup Final  to old Limerick friends Caledonians by 2 goals to zero at Turners Cross.


That which was lost in 66′ was captured in 67′ with a victory in the Munster Junior Cup Final against another Limerick side, Geraldines by 3 goals to 1.  St. Mary’s had little success in local competitions, the fist Division Shield was the lone partner on the sideboard with the Provincial Trophy.


St. Mary’s and Everton again contested the Saxone Cup Final, Saints coming good again as they did in 66′.


Aggression and consistency were absent friends this season with little to show at the end.